VIVA is life and life is VIVA

This building was first opened in August 2015, and it has proved hugely popular. As the name suggests, it is full of life and energy – in the people who work here, the lecture hall which hosts numerous events, and the exciting new developments pioneered by the med-tech businesses that are based here.

Because it’s a very young building, it offers truly state-of-the-art facilities in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere – you’ll not want to go home!

The biggest events at the MSIC are held here in the VIVA building’s conference hall (with a capacity of 120 people). The hall has the very latest equipment and offers superb modern facilities – as well as an enchanting view from the terrace (perfect for enjoying with an aperitif!). You can also book the meeting room or rent an office.


And why do we call it VIVA? Well, great innovative ideas are born here, and great things happen here – simply, it’s full of life…


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