The core of the MSIC.

The third building at the MSIC was opened in the summer of 2015. Since then, Trident has been packed with exciting new projects which have achieved some spectacular successes! And from the MSIC offices on the ground floor of the building we’ve really enjoyed watching these businesses develop and grow.

We like to create a comfortable, home-like atmosphere, so people here in the Trident building usually wear slippers to work! You can even wear them to lunch or brunch in the bistro that forms part of the building.

We’re really keen on coworking, because it’s a perfect example of how collaboration and sharing are the most effective way to succeed. If you like coworking as much as we do, you’re sure to welcome our plans to convert the upper floor of the Trident building into an inspirational shared coworking space!


And why do we call it Trident? Well, it was the third building here at the MSIC complex, and we think it has truly “spearheaded” our development!

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