NASA has its research centres, we have TANDEM!

The Tandem building was opened in 2006, and for a number of years it was home to Tieto – before the company’s rapid growth forced it to move to new premises. But even today, the exciting atmosphere of ambition and creative ideas can still be felt in every corner of the building.

Cobots and robots aren’t just something you see in the movies – they exist for real, here at Tandem. Seen from the outside, the building looks quite ordinary – but inside it hides some state-of-the-art machinery that has a great future…

The Idea Hub, situated on the ground floor of the Tandem building, is a place for fresh, creative thinking. In the shared prototype workshop you can take your ideas and put them into practice. This is a place where great dreams truly can become a reality, and many original products have been born right here.


And why do we call it Tandem? Well, partly because it was the second part of the MSIC complex to be built, and partly because two heads are always better than one…


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