The beating heart of the MSIC complex.

We see this building as the heart of the MSIC complex. It was the first part of the complex to be built (2003), and it has been home to many talented and highly successful businesses. The sheer diversity of the businesses here is one of the Piano building’s key advantages. In the corridors you can meet developers, IT specialists, programmers and experts in a wide range of other fields.

You can enjoy excellent food at the Pustkovecká Bašta restaurant (on the ground floor of the Piano building) – and if you’ve been sitting down for too long, the building’s workout space is an ideal place to burn off some calories or just stretch out and unwind.

There are great facilities for parents too – the MSIC has its own preschool in the Piano building, with an expertly designed programme for even the youngest kids. With small class sizes, excellent sports facilities and a peaceful forest just nearby, it’s no wonder that the preschool is a really popular choice.

The Piano building also has a range of conference and meeting rooms for your business events. You can book the lecture hall, a circular meeting room or a smaller meeting room.

And why do we call it Piano? Well, one reason is that from the air, the building actually has the shape of a grand piano. And another reason is that like the wonderful musical instrument from which it takes its name, the building combines technology and art into an irresistible package…


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