At some point, every business finds itself in a situation where it needs a kick-start – a new stimulus to help it grow, develop and fulfil its potential. Or the business can run up against a barrier, but successfully overcoming that barrier will take the business to a whole new level of market success and profitability. There are people who’ve experienced precisely those situations and overcome them successfully – and now they’re available to share their know-how with you.

The MSIC EXPAND programme puts businesses in touch with experts, helping to find effective solutions to problems. We’ll find the right person for you, with a wealth of practical experience.


Innovative SMEs with their own products or services, based in (or operating in) the Moravian-Silesian Region.

What is the main purpose of the programme?

At some point, every business will find itself in a situation where it needs to address one or more of the issues outlined below:


creating internal company structures, transferring responsibility to employees, implementing process innovation, using ICT, etc.

developing business
and sales

clarifying strategies, completing development projects,
market-launching new products,
finding new customers or sales routes,
automating production, expanding production capacity, etc.


financing rapid growth,
refinancing liabilities,
financial health auditing, etc.


finding a strategic partner,
finding potential investors, setting up links with a foreign company /research institute/ university, etc.


Business owners might find their own solutions to these problems, but this can be a time-consuming, costly and risky process – and of course your customers (and competitors) won’t wait until you solve the problem. So it can be better to get inspiration from somebody who’s already dealt with your kind of problem under similar circumstances, and who’s successfully solved it. The purpose of the programme is to put your business in touch with an expert whose practical experience will help the business overcome the obstacles to its future development.

What is the main purpose of the programme?

Many successful business owners, managers and expert consultants are keen to see the Moravian-Silesian Region succeed, and they want to help improve the business environment by supporting the development of SMEs. For these experts it’s a hugely satisfying and rewarding opportunity to pass on their own experience and know-how to others. They can also learn new things from participating in the programme, as well as gaining new contacts via individual projects and related networking events.

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